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Read the background page to find out what’s going on in our village and the threats to our environment.

Latest Updates:

It looks like Ripley, Send & Clandon are being lined-up as sacrificial lambs on the altar of Wisley development.  Green Belt at Wisley.  The view from the Wisley Inquiry shows the duplicity of the whole consultation about the Local Plan.  Learn more about how our villages are being sacrificed.

The latest revision of the proposed Local Plan from Guildford Borough Council has been adopted by the full council on 16th May 2017.   GBC received 32,500, responses to their previous disastrous plan (an almost unprecedented amount) but are sadly are still trying to push ahead with the strategy of building regardless of need or local communities.  Learn more about what it means for Ripley and Send.

The consultation period for the 2017 version of the Local Plan is now closed.  A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has contacted the council about these catastrophic proposals.   We don’t yet know what the volume of response is this time around.

Since the scope of the, er, consultation, was rather restrictive, we are not expecting the same level of response as last year, but nevertheless, the fight goes on.  ALL the 32,500 responses (they were almost all objections) that you raised last year PLUS the responses for this time around have to go through to the Planning Inspectorate.

A Warning in Send

If proof were necessary of the folly of the Councils approach in its choice of sites, Send has in the last week received some unwelcome guests camping on the recreation ground.  The resultant mess and distress to local residents and businesses is now thankfully coming to an end, and we are  pleased to report that Send Parish Council have successfully managed the situation and removed the trespassers.  There is of course a big clean-up operation underway, involving GBC refuse disposal, Fly-tipped rubbish and human waste, as well as broken glass etc on the Children’s Playground.    Ripley Parish Council were forced to take steps to prevent the occupation of Ripley Green, closing it to “Ride London” spectators as was planned.

All this after only one week occupation!  The stupidity of placing so many Traveller Pitches in Ripley and Send must now be obvious, even to the most obtuse Borough Councillor.  Any Plan that retains these proposals could therefore be considered to have some other motivation.