Guildford Vision presents plan for Guildford

Guildford Vision Group is a group of people from all walks of life who share a common goal and passion – that Guildford should become an even more attractive, vibrant and pleasant place to live, work and visit.  Since 2012, they have been working to influence the Council to take a holistic approach to making Guildford a more attractive, vibrant and pleasant place to live, work and visit, rather than development bit-by-bit through the piecemeal expansion of its buildings and roads.

GVG are unveiling their plan for Guildford town centre at 7pm on Wednesday 1 February (next Wednesday) at the Millmead Baptist Centre, Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BE.

Please do try to attend – everyone is welcome.

This plan includes greater – and safer – space for pedestrians in the town centre and the redevelopment of the riverside.  It also delivers much-needed new housing in the centre of the town.  A new crossing over the railway that takes traffic around, rather than through, the town centre is integral to the new plan, making Guildford safer for pedestrians and less polluted.

John Rigg, Chairman of the Guildford Vision Group, said: “The Guildford Vision Group wants to see a beautiful town centre and regenerated riverside created with people in mind. Right now we have no town square, few fully pedestrianised streets, and limited space for people to sit and enjoy the river. Roads are clogged with traffic and it is difficult for businesses to flourish.

Guildford Council has not yet adopted this plan and is currently allowing development of the town centre with no overall plan or vision, permitting offices and retailers to build where green spaces and affordable housing could be provided.  A walk from the station to the High Street quickly shows how the potentially beautiful riverside of our town has been completely engulfed by the gyratory system and its polluting and dangerous traffic.

We don’t want Guildford to become another Slough.  Please try to get along to the meeting and support GVG’s plan.

There is parking at Millmead (outside the Britannia pub), as well as at other nearby car parks (e.g. Millbrook, used for the Yvonne Arnaud and The Weyside etc.).

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