Local Plan 2017-What it means for you

Impacts on Ripley and Send

Despite over 32,500 responses (overwhelmingly serious objections) to the previous 2016 draft Local Plan, our local Borough Council is bulldozing ahead with their strategy that Guildford must accommodate a huge amount of new housing and new industrial sites.  Much of this development is proposed for sites in and around where you live and will have a significant impact on your quality of life, in particular because of huge increases in traffic trying to use our already clogged up local road networks.

What does this mean for Ripley?

The 2017 proposal is even worse than it was before:

  • Over 40% of all the proposed development is in our patch within 3 miles of Send Marsh, which is just 11% of the Borough, and much of that Green Belt.
  • Garlick’s Arch is still within the draft plan, but the 400 proposed houses could even be increased to 650!   Six additional Traveller plots have been added to the proposals for Garlick’s Arch with associated “mixed use yards” and large ancillary storage facilities.  This would obviously be a disaster in the Green Belt.
  • A new site at Burnt Common has been added with 70,000 sq ft of industrial unit, and with the potential for WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITIES to be housed here, right between our villages!
  • The four-way A3 junction is still proposed, to drive even more traffic through Ripley, Send and Clandon.
  • Tannery Lane has had an increase of 33% in the proposed housing there too, from 45 to 60.

Click here for a more detailed analysis of the threats to Ripley and Send.

What you need to know:

These are just the changes – the only bits we’re being allowed to comment upon – of course there’s loads more damage being proposed – like removing our localities from the Green Belt entirely – that remains unchanged.

Site A43 Garlicks Arch

Proposed development Garlick's Arch with new A3 on/off ramps
Garlick’s Arch site & A3 on/off ramps

This is a really big issue for all residents of both Ripley and Send.  The original proposal has been worsened  to allocate now a MINUMUM of 400 houses.  The industrial space has been moved to a new site A58 just a few hundred yards up the road at Burnt Common.  In effect this may mean that up to 650 homes would be built on the Garlicks Arch site.   In addition, there will be  “6  Travelling Showpeople Plots with associated Mixed Use Yards And Large Ancillary Storage Facilities for Equipment.”   This is essentially means huge fairground rides requiring storage with the associated articulated lorries and transportation vehicles and the permanent provision of residential plots.

Site A58 Burnt Common

Newly included A58 Burntcommon Industrial Site
A58 Burntcommon Industrial Site

This is a new “strategic industrial site”, an inclusion of a 9-hectare (over 22 acres) site for a minimum 70,000sq ft of industrial, storage and distribution usage.   However, it is likely to be substantially more than this as the site is identified as having “potential for further industrial floorspace to meet future borough needs“.  A further concern is that WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITIES will be directed to the “strategic industrial site” including Burnt Common – this is buried away in section 4.4.23a of the 2017 local plan.

Site A42 Tannery Lane, Send

Clockbarn Nursery Tannery Lane Send

An increase from 45 to 60 new homes.  This may not sound much in itself, but Tannery Lane would not be able to cope with another 100+ rush hour cars, and remember this is on top of the unchanged proposal for a 4-way A3 / A247 (Send Road) junction which is designed to force all the traffic through our villages, not around them.