Local Plan Timetable Update

Here is the latest news we have regarding the next steps in GBC’s Local Plan process:-

20th April 2017 – Special meeting of the Council regarding Infrastructure (agenda released 10th April)

16th May 2017 – GBC Executive Meeting to vote on the approval of the Local Plan (agenda released 8th May)

12th June 2017 – Public consultation on amendments to the Local Plan (open for 6 weeks)

We await with interest to see how GBC have taken into account the landslide of objections that the received to their last disastrous iteration of the Local Plan.

Interestingly, it appears that GBC are not waiting until after the Wisley Inquiry which is now expected to run from mid September to mid-October 2017.  Once again:  before, horse, cart, put  (rearrange words as necessary.)

Please put these dates in your diary – especially the 12th June, when once again we will have our chance to give our views on the latest version of the Local Plan.