M25/A3 Alterations – Local Consequences

Without beating about the bush, here’s Ripley Councilor Annie Cross’ take on the proposals presented to the Ripley Parish Council by Highways England, and issued through the Ripley Grapevine.

Apart from the main junction proposed improvements it is also planned to close access to the RHS/Wisley village from the A3 and also to Elm Corner on the other side of the A3, both considered dangerous turn-offs. Instead, they propose two new, two-way, access roads from the Ockham roundabout and running either side of the A3.  Only one of the drawings shows this.  There are no plans shown to add new A3 junctions at the Ockham roundabout, north or South, which means extra traffic through Ripley for any northbound Wisley traffic.  This means extra traffic through Ripley when the RHS expands it’s visitor numbers and the possible airfield development.

When questioned at last Monday’s meeting, both Highways England and Atkins both brushed aside the implications of the various housing developments around the A3, i.e. Former Wisley Airfield, Garlicks Arch, Gosden Hill with possibly 10,000 cars as they “haven’t got planning permission yet” and would be dealt with as and when.  Pressed further, neither body would admit to having contingency plans for these developments taking place.  Now maybe that is true, but is such remarkably naive lack of forward planning likely?

Asked why the local parish councils had not been consulted, it was stated this was “to put everyone on a level playing field”.  Why then did they consult with the RHS (brushed off with “oh, they’ve been talking about this for years”), Wisley Investment Properties Ltd (the airfield developers) and Guildford Borough Council?  (See GBC webcast for December, about 23 minutes in).  Look again at the Elm Corner proposed slip road – it could sort a lot of problems for some and create huge problems for Ripley locals.

The proposed A3 Garlicks Arch junctions and the potential Guildford tunnel are ignored, as is the likely congestion in Ripley High Street!

Do go along [to the next consultation meeting at Ripley Village Hall] if you can and pass on to as many people as you can.  There is a form to complete when you’re there, but it is loaded, ‘would you like it in red or blue Sir.’  It is suggested you write instead.  All contact info is on the brochure they give out.  Oh, just to say GBC stated this is purely a Highways England matter and not for them so your comments must be made to H E.

Those contact details are:-

Please do respond and to this consultation as it will affect all of us in Ripley and the surrounding villages.