Newlands Corner Success!

Newlands Corner
Newlands Corner

We’re sure that by now you’ve heard the good news that in September 2017, Surrey County Council withdrew their plans for the commercial exploitation of Newlands Corner.

Having failed to convince the Planning Inspectorate of their case, they then went to the Secretary of State for Environment (Michael Gove) to try to persuade his department to change the rules so that commercialisation of Common Land would not require Planning Inspectorate consent.

Fortunately, DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) has refused to change that guidance.  This is a substantial victory in the fight against local government plans to exploit our green spaces against the express wishes of the community.  Read more here…

However Surrey County Cllr Goodman has threatened to return to this, wasting even more of Surrey residents’ money pursuing something the residents clearly don’t want.   So more vigilance is still necessary, but congratulations and thanks are due to the Save Newlands Corner campaign.   Well done!

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