Responding to the Local Plan 2017

The consultation period for everyone will be for a 6 week period from 12 noon on Friday 9 June 2017 to 12 noon on Monday 24 July 2017.

First the Bad News:  You’re only allowed to comment on things that have changed since the 2016 version of the plan.  Any comments made at this point that do not refer to any specific changes to the 2017 version will not be registered.

But the Good News:  All comments received from the 2016  Local Plan will also be put forward to the Government Inspector, so the great result you achieved last year still counts!

It is really important that you register your objections to these local sites.   Once again, the number of objections received is vital, because it is one of the most important factors used when the planning inspectorate review the Local Plan.  Everyone can object separately (that includes all your family, and you don’t have to live in the area), and all your objections can count towards the total.  Just be sure, if objecting by email, that you use a separate email address for each person.

We recommend you comment via email as the most effective means.  To ensure your mail is appropriately taken into account, the Subject Line of your email should be something like “Objections to the Guildford Local Plan 2017”. You MUST ALWAYS include your name and address, otherwise GBC will just reject your views.

Example objection letter
Example objection letter

If you’d like to download an example letter to give you some ideas, here’s a one.   But don’t be put off it’s not your style – just let them know what you think.

Or here are few suggestions for you to think about.  If possible please use your own words, and if you can, mention a site or a section of the Local Plan, and state that you are objecting.

We would suggest the following responses could be incorporated into your objection:

  • Any development at Site A43 Garlicks Arch would be on Green Belt land, and there is no identified or exceptional need within the Local Plan documentation
  • The inclusion of 6  Travelling Showpeople plots with associated storage facilities is entirely inappropriate in a rural environment within the Green Belt and there is no identified need within the Local Plan
  • The allocation of 6 Travelling Showpeople plots is the designated formula for 1500-1999 homes on the same site according to the 2017 Local Plan.  The Plan is self-inconsistent and therefore not properly constituted.
  • The potential of an increase from 400 houses at site A43 Garlicks Arch will be extremely harmful to the rural nature of the surrounding villages of Ripley, Send and Clandon and will cause coalescence of these villages.  The plan states that “if the [Traveller sites] remains unsold, the future use of the land should have regard to an up to date Traveller Accommodation Assessment (TAA) and Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA), with specific consideration of the use of the land for affordable housing“.  So even more travellers pitches and houses, which is unjustified.
  • Section 4.2.22  of the Plan states that “Sufficient sites are identified within the Local Plan [for] 8 plots for Travelling Showpeople”   So why do 75% of them have to be in Ripley?  This is unbalanced and unfair.
  • The removal of site A46 from the Plan (with its proposed 1100 houses) has left the Plan even further unbalanced against the North East of the Borough with over 40% of the development proposed in this small area of Green Belt, all within just 3 miles of Send Marsh!
  • The potential for a substantial increase in industrial floorspace from 7000 sq m to an unspecified amount at the site A58 Burnt Common does not provide local residents with enough information for a full and proper consultation given the ambiguity and lack of detail within the document
  • The potential for a Waste Management Facility at site A58 Burnt Common is briefly mentioned, obscurely in policy 4.423a and does not allow for full and proper consultation
  • The increase in housing numbers from 45 to 60 at Site A42 in Tannery Lane, Send will have a significant impact on the already highly congested local rural road network around and within Ripley. This is in contradiction to section 2.14a of the Plan which states “Whilst most local roads are single carriageway, with a lane in each direction, it is at their junctions that the free flow of traffic is most often impeded during peak periods, in some cases resulting in significant delays.” And yet there is no proposals to improve the local roads, only to add more junctions with the A3, thereby increasing congestion on the Trunk and Local road network.
  • Brownfield sites A4 and A34 have been removed from the Local Plan – meaning there is more pressure on Green Belt sites to meet the so-called housing “need”.
  • On Affordable Homes, the previous version of the plan ( Policy 4.2.23) stated that Developers will be expected to provide land for affordable homes at nil value.  Now it just says “Off-site provision or payment in lieu is expected to enable the same amount of additional affordable housing as would have been delivered on site.
    So the developers don’t even have to do build any affordable homes, just make a tidy cash payment to the Council.   Kerching!

There are many other changes within the 2017 Revised Local Plan that will affect us all within the Borough. Please take time to look at the documents online at and make any further comments that are relevant for you AS LONG AS YOU ONLY COMMENT ON ANY OF THE CHANGES WHICH ARE HIGHLIGHTED IN RED.

  • email: (recommended)
  • post: Planning Policy Team, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB

Make sure you do it by 24th July 2017!