Ripley, Send & Clandon Sacrificed?

The Dots

  • The Inquiry regarding the developers’ appeal to build a huge development in the Green Belt at Wisley is currently (September 2017) underway in Guildford.
  • The “Draft” and “Proposed”  Local Plan includes proposals to use Green Belt land at Burnt Common to make a 4-way junction onto the A3 / A247.
  • At the Inquiry on 29 September 2017 it became clear that, the Burnt Common roads at Garlick’s Arch and the Sinclair farmland on the opposite side of the A3 form a definitive part of the Wisley new town proposal.
  • Mr Sinclair is proposing to, er-hmm, “gift” the land for the junction, the ‘price’ of the gift being the go-ahead to build the development on Garlick’s Arch.

Joining the Dots

. The Developers and GBC want to build out our Green Belt at Wisley
.   and
.     They need the 4-way junction at Burnt common to make it viable
.       so
.         They need Sinclair to give them the land for the junction
.           therefore
.             They will have to force through the building out of Garlick’s Arch in Ripley, too.

That’s the deal, that’s the price.

Ripley, Send and Clandon would have to pay the price for GBC’s refusal to accept the outcome of the planning process.

Of course, although this has been denied by GBC, it has always been clear to those of us in the bulldozer’s path that this was the case.  And that is why it is so important to continue to fight against this stubborn anti-democratic council.

On Tuesday 3rd October  the Inspector at the Wisley Inquiry has allocated time and would welcome all residents to speak at the Inquiry.  It’s really important that as many Ripley, Send Marsh, Burnt Common and Send residents attend and opt to speak to make sure the Inspector understands the traffic issues and the damage that would be caused to our local lanes network.

Although this Inquiry relates to Wisley and not the GBC emerging Local Plan, we in Ripley Send and Clandon (and indeed those further afield across the Borough) do not see the proposed developments in isolation but as a potentially disastrous package including:

  • a huge increase in traffic to RHS Wisley, and all the local villages,
  •  huge housing at Garlicks Arch, Wisley,and at Gosden Farm ,and
  • potential for a large industrial site and waste management at Burnt Common.

The Inquiry starts at 10am and is held at the GBC Millmead offices, public parking is available nearby. The Inspector is very kindly and is sympathetic to nervous amateurs (even though the Inquiry takes place in a formal setting).

If you feel strongly about how this may affect you, this is your opportunity to have your views heard and registered and it may influence the Inspector who will be reporting directly to the Secretary of State in due course. If nothing else, a strong show of support with “bums on seats” makes a considerable impact.

If you can, please try to make the effort to come along, even for an hour or two, to support our local campaigners.

It ain’t over …