What’s going on?


Guildford Borough Council are trying again to force huge developments on our local area.

At the end of May 2016, the council updated the draft local plan with a last-minute inclusion of a development of at least 400 houses, plus 7000 sqm of industrial units and new on/off ramps onto the A3 at Garlick’s Arch.

And the Green Belt in the centre of the village is also under threat as GBC want to allocate four Traveller pitches on the Green Belt land in Rose Lane by taking it out of the Green Belt.  The centre of Ripley is recommended to be inset (i.e. removed) from the GreenBelt which will allow further unchecked development in the heart of our village.  There is also a further site allocated for the land behind The Talbot in the High Street for retail and 18 homes.

There was an utterly overwhelming response – almost universally negative –  to this plan – over 32,000 objections, and so obviously GBC would want to revise this to take into account the strength of local feeling, right?  WRONG!   They went away and came back in May 2017 with an even worse plan for Ripley and Send!  They then included an additional industrial site, another 6 travellers pitches, and even more houses!

Such a listening council.  Remember this from 2015?

If you feel cheated, you’re not alone!

GBC Plan for Traveller Pitches in Ripley

Where’s Garlick’s Arch? 

The biggest threat comes at Garlick’s Arch.  If you haven’t heard of Garlick’s Arch, it is at the southern end of Ripley on the border with Send, at Burnt Common.  It is a 100-acre site of Green Belt and ancient woodland, which the council want to destroy.

Proposed development Garlick's Arch with new A3 on/off ramps
Garlick’s Arch site & A3 on/off ramps

They also propose to use some land at the site for additional new on/off ramps to the A3 there (making Burnt Common a 4-way interchange), so forcing more and more traffic on the surrounding villages of Clandon, Send and Ripley.  The developer is, erm, ‘gifting‘ this land, if they get permission to build.

GBC Plan for Housing and industrial site
GBC Plan for new A3 on/off ramps in Burnt Common

What about the Green Belt?

If you thought that was bad news – there’s more!  GBC are trying to ‘inset’ almost all our local villages (Jargon Buster: ‘Insetting‘ means removing from the Green Belt),  and while they’re at it, they’re pushing out the village boundaries to include more countryside.

Our local villages of Send, Ripley, Send Marsh/ Burnt Common, East Horsley, West Horsley and Effingham are among the villages to be ‘inset’.  And if the Council do that, then there is no protection against development, as development is to be considered ‘approved in principle’.